Christopher Beckmann

Simone is a fantastic coach who prepares us both mentally and physically for the most demanding challenges.

With her regular training sessions pushing us to the limits, she helps us to unlock and discover untapped abilities.

I met Simone four months prior to my first marathon. She diligently designed a healthy nutrition and active run program tailored around my busy work schedule. With an agreed race day strategy, I achieved a time of 3hrs12mins finishing rewardingly in the top 10%.

Since then with Simone's mindful guidance, I completed a half marathon in 1hr24mins positioning strongly in the top 5%.

Simone's drive, enthusiasm and determination are motivational. Plus her accomplishments at 'Ironman' are inspirational. Simone's desire for success reflects well on the performance of her trainees.

Lizzie Currie

Simone is the perfect package as a personal trainer. She has walked the walk, run the run, biked the bike, pumped the weights, stretched and conditioned every muscle in her body and is ready and waiting to share her amazing depth of knowledge and experience with you.

She has helped me to achieve my goals of strengthening my body and specifically rehabilitating a knee injury.  She has a huge variety of ideas up her sleeve and her sessions are always well thought out.

She is very understanding of how you are feeling and what else is happening in your week and can quickly adapt to flex sessions to your needs if you arrive particularly tired, or ready for a hard session.

She manages to get that wonderful balance of pushing me so  I work so much harder than I could training alone without being intimidating.  

She does this with her depth of knowledge, her calm words of encouragement, her bounds of energy and her beautiful smile.  She is always delighted to share her knowledge of the importance of diet, sleep, training patterns, massage etc and really wants you to progress in her sessions with you and be inspired to work hard to achieve your goals outside of her sessions.

I look forward to every session I have with Simone, I know I will come away feeling stronger and happier.  She makes me smile, even through the pain.

i love you girl.

Simon Taylor-Foster

I started with Simone through a recommendation by an Aussie ex-Olympic squad rower, three years ago.

I had 8 weeks to train for the Windsor Triathlon. Simone's technical know-how and gut feel for my physical limits was crucial in being able to extract the maximum training from me and add strength to my stamina.

She gets excited by seeing people push themselves and she loves to be a part of anyone's desire to improve. I tell all my friends they too could look like me if they use Simone - but looking this good doesn't come cheap.

David Magyar – Age group triathlete (53)

Training with a top athlete is a special privilege for most of us mere mortals – it’s an opportunity to learn from the very best and maybe, if we are lucky, some of their star dust rubs off on us too!

That’s what it’s like working with Simone. No need to worry about being intimidated though because she treats you like an equal, is highly personable, grounded and focussed on getting the very best out of her clients.

I went to see Simone worrying that as an age group triathlete with an unremarkable record she would go through the motions with me, but not so – I have only ever felt supported and encouraged. I now owe her a great deal for squeezing improvements out of my ageing body and for giving me new found confidence.

I have discovered that I do, in fact, have a back-side (it had been hiding for some years!), and that there are a number of muscles that we can and should use, but don’t. I thank Simone for these discoveries, for giving me greater body awareness and for helping me towards achieving my own athletic ambitions. She is simply awesome!


Simone is an exceptional Personal Trainer. I’ve always shied away from weights but she is excellent at demonstrating the correct technique, making sure you are doing the sets correctly, and pushing you when appropriate. She is skilled at tailoring the sessions to your specific needs, and mindful of what other exercise or races you have scheduled.

There are definitely advantages to the strength training complimenting my other triathlon training – a stronger core and upper body has helped my swim, my endurance and power on the bike feels better, and I feel so much stronger on the run as well. I think it has helped me avoid injury and it has boosted my confidence in general.

Simone is great at putting you at ease straight away – she corrects you whenever your technique strays, she has a huge array of different exercises to do, and she leads by example. As a mere regular age-grouper, there is something special being coached by a world-class elite triathlete, picking up training and racing tips from someone who really knows